Candidates for the MSFS must successfully complete 36 credits of individual and residency study and pass 12 examinations.  The American College’s Richard D. Irwin Graduate School has awarded the Master of Science in Financial Services degree to over 2,500 individuals since 1977.

Peeples is currently a Certified Financial Planner Professional at Continnum Planning Partners. Before attending The American College, Peeples graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Accounting in 1984. He has been in the Financial Services industry since 1997.  Along with being an Eagle Scout, Peeples is a member of both the Memphis Financial Planning Association and Christ United Methodist Church.

The American College is the nation’s largest non-profit educational institute devoted to financial services.  Holding the highest level of academic accreditation, The College has served as a valued business partner to banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and others for over 86 years.  The American College’s faculty represents some of the financial services industry’s foremost thought leaders.

Jason Peeples is a registered representative of and ‑offers Securities, Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services through MML Investors Services, LLC, Member SIPC, 12 Cadillac Drive, Suite 440, Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 309-6300. Continuum Planning Partners is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC or its affiliated companies. CRN202002-226472

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