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Direct: (901) 746-6304
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Our Partners- Bennett Lebowitz

As a third generation small business owner I have seen firsthand the struggles small business owners face when it comes to implementing a succession plan. Whether you are wanting to sell your company or pass it on to future generations, having a plan is crucial in ensuring a successful transition. Every business at some point will have to face the reality of ownership change and this process is complex and filled with challenges. Owners are faced with the difficult decisions of how, when and to whom they will pass the responsibility to. Contrary to popular belief, this process does not come naturally. The transition can often leave owners feeling anxious, vulnerable and unsure of the business’ future. Our focus is to work with the current and future generations to ensure a less stressful and more efficient outcome.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Investment Management
  • Family Business strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession and Transition Planning
  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • Tax minimization strategies



How Our Process Works

Our process is based on providing objective advice with a financial planning fee, which allows us to work alongside your current plan and make the necessary adjustments to help accomplish your goals.

In many plans, we find that there are gaps that exist due to a lack of continuity in relationships and advice from multiple areas. We will help you bridge those gaps with creative planning and solidify all areas of your plan.


We’ll meet to understand your full financial situation, develop your goals, and show you how to address them. We’ll gather information and review relevant facts so we can establish priorities and identify gaps.

Customized1 Planning

We’ll go over all the details of your customized plan, discuss your options, and make recommendations to put you on the right track to meeting your financial goals.


We’ll show you the steps, help you execute them, and work with your team of other advisors. We will break down the necessary steps in order of priority so that you can make progress without feeling overwhelmed.


We’ll meet at least once per year to review progress towards meeting your goals, and update your plan based on changing financial, family, or tax situations. We’re your trusted partner and long-term advisor.

1 The producer’s relationship with the client during post-plan delivery is as a registered representative and not as a fee-based financial planner.
2 The client is free to implement the plan recommendation with whomever he/she chooses.
3 Periodic reviews or updates require a new agreement and may be subject to additional fees.

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Our team is comprised of professionals who have developed a process to help facilitate the tough conversations that are needed to identify all the wants and desires of the current ownership in addition to the future direction of the business. Through these conversations we will identify those that are best suited to take on the day to day operations, when this transition should occur and how this process needs to take place. We will develop a plan that encompasses all areas of concerns from tax management to estate planning to ensure that your business will create a lasting legacy for future generations.
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