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Continuum Planning Partner’s Nashville partners and employees donate over 1,500 diapers to Martha O’Bryan Center

by: Lauren Bellflower, MCM

The partners and employees at Continuum have just finished their annual holiday drive for items most requested by the Martha O’Bryan Center. This year over 400 total items were donated including baby wipes, diapers, shampoo, deodorant, soap, hair brushes and toilet paper. The drive is structured as a friendly competition between groups and worth the most points were packs of diapers, so the drive became a fun battle over which team could gather the most diapers. In the end, over 1,500 diapers were donated! Andy Faught, Director of Financial Planning shared, “At Continuum Planning Partners, we feel it is our duty to help those in need.  The holiday drive is one initiative of many throughout the year, but is probably the most special.  As we move into the holiday season, it is not happy for all and anything we can do to brighten the spirit of others through things most of us take for granted is very special.” 

Rich Jones and Continuum Planning Partners Sponsor Royal Family Kids 5K

by: Lauren Bellflower, MCM

Rich Jones and his family sponsored and ran in the Memphis Royal Family Kids 5K. Royal Family Kids is an organization that helps abused, abandoned or neglected children go to a summer camp experience they will never forget. Since 1985, Royal Family kids has been offering week long camp experiences to these children who would otherwise not get the opportunity to attend. They have 200 camps in the United States and 25 internationally, with over 800 campers each year. Even after camp ends, they are given support through mentoring clubs at churches of various denominations.

Way to go Rich and family!


4 partners

Continuum Planning Partners welcomes 4 new partners

by: Lauren Bellflower, MCM

We are proud to announce the addition of 4 new advisors to Continuum. We are excited to expand our team to include more of a presence in Memphis area and a new presence in Tupelo. In our second Memphis office we now have Bennett Lebowitz and Spencer Cultra. As a 3rd generation small business owner, Bennett specializes in helping small business owners with their comprehensive financial plans as well as with succession and transition planning. Spencer Cultra is focused on helping to ensure his clients have a comprehensive plan that provides them a clear path to their goals, based on their vision, and totally directed by their values.


Continuum’s youngest fan spotted on the PGA Tour

by: Lauren Bellflower, MCM

One of Continuum’s smallest supporters, Blaine Burcham was seen last week in his Continuum Planning Partners polo at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta receiving a ball from Jordan Spieth. The video was posted on the PGATour’s Instagram, @pgatour and has been viewed more than 300,000 times and liked more than 50,000 times.


Abby Spaulding wins 2017 Nashville Business Journal’s Power Leaders in Finance Award

by: Lauren Bellflower

We are pleased to announce that Abby Spaulding won the 2017 Nashville Business Journal’s Power Leaders in Finance Award. Abby was featured in a special section of the Nashville Business Journal highlighting those with the precision, patience and experience to help company leaders and the Middle Tennessee community plan for the future. 
Winners were nominated by the public, and then an internal committee chose the final nominees for a list. The nominees were then asked to vote on which individuals on the list would win the awards. Help us to congratulate Abby on this honor!


Chris Robinette named finalist for the 2017 Nashville Emerging Leader Awards

by: Lauren Bellflower

We would like to congratulate Chris Robinette, a financial planner at Continuum Planning Partners for again being a finalist for the Nashville Emerging Leader Awards. The NELAs are for civically engaged, entrepreneurial young professionals in Nashville. Each of the nominees are involved in the growing economy and the volunteer community. Chris is one of the 5 finalists for the Financial Services Category.

chris preds

Veteran Chris Robinette honored at Nashville Predators playoff game

by: Lauren Bellflower

Congrats to Chris Robinette, financial planner at Continuum Planning Partners who was the military honoree at the April 17th Nashville Predators playoff game. Chris was surprised with the honor at the game by his fiancé, Kelley. Following the game where he was recognized he said “I wasn’t really feeling good that day, but Kelley was adamant that we get back to the seats to watch the game. I wasn’t going to argue, because I love watching, and 5 minutes later there was a camera guy right in front of us as the salute was starting. Total surprise! Kelley and the Predators organization did a really great job. it was a truly humbling experience and a huge honor”. The Predators went on to beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the game and sweep the series!




It is no secret the amount of student loan debt in the United States is on the rise.  With costs of a college education increasing at a rapid rate and continued high demand for higher education, the frustration many recent college graduates face when it comes to repaying their student loans appears to be here to stay.  For many, student loan payments account for a sizeable portion of their take-home pay, so it is important to understand the various repayment options.

Businesswoman showing colleague digital tablet

Is your tax advisor paying attention?

by: Jeff Turner, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, AEP®

In 2011 a change occured that made tax reporting for investment accounts radically easier, but there was never a formal announcement by the IRS although there were many articles published discussing the change, such as an FAQ on Cost Basis Reporting from the IRS and a FINRA notice on cost basis reporting. Many years later, some tax practitioners may still not consistently applied the shortcut.  While we try to make every client aware ahead of time, I am reminded each year around April 15th that this information is still not generally known.

Hispanic family owned bakery

Clear Expectations of a Family Business


Family Enterprises generate 57% of the nation's GDP and employ 63% of the U.S. workforce (Family business alliance, 2017). “Despite the extraordinary longevity of some individual family firms, the average life-span across the sector is three generations. Typically, only 12% make it that far, and the number getting past four generations falls to as low as 3%” (, 2017). Balancing family roles and dynamics with business roles can be challenging.  However, below are some basic tips that can help you avoid some common mistakes.


Is the Sports World Starting to Look More Like the Corporate World?

by: Andy Faught, CFA, CPA & Brad Burcham

In a recent ESPN article (click HERE to read), there was a discussion of a compensation strategy for Jim Harbaugh, the head football coach for the University of Michigan.  With universities starting to run their sports programs more like businesses, it was just a matter of time before they began adopting strategies such as this to attract and retain key talent to their programs.

Senior Couple Lounging on a Wood Deck

Why is Planning for Long Term Healthcare so Important?

by: Jason Peeples, CFP®

Some of the largest risks in retirement planning are health care and long term services and support (LTSS) costs.  Having the responsibility of caring for my two parents over the past decade has provided personal experience with the planning, issues and costs of providing this care. 

African American businessman using laptop in cafe

Should We Be Worried About the Election???

by: Andy Faught, CFA, CFP®

Before I start…there is absolutely nothing partisan in this article.  Whether you are a die-hard Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or even Ralph Nader’s Green Party, there are some facts you need to know about how markets react in an election cycle.

Paxton_Kip-Teammember square.jpg copy

Kip Paxton Promoted

by: Lauren Bellflower

BRENTWOOD, TN, July 20, 2016– Kip Paxton has been promoted to Investment Processing Manager with Continuum Planning Partners. Kip has been with the firm since May of 2011, and is eager to take on this new challenge. As the Investment Processing Manager, he is working with all Continuum advisors and clients on opening new accounts and is enhancing the client experience. He is utilizing his expertise to ensure new and established clients have the best experience during all phases of their investment accounts.

young  mixed race couple  using a laptop in livingroom

Managing Finances as a Couple: Do Opposites Really Attract?

by: Brad Burcham, Financial Planner

I often see one spouse being the overseer of finances.  They know every detail of every account and where the $3.50 was spent yesterday on their debit card.  The other spouse typically would not know if there was $100 or $100,000 in the checking account. 


Why It Is Important to Know the Value Of Your Businesses: The Tale of Two Business Owners

by: Andy Faught, CFA®, CFP®

If you don’t feel like you have a handle on the true value of your business, then you are not alone. Many of the business owners we work with have an idea of what it is worth, but admit that this is something they have come up with on their own and are not sure if it is a real value. Others say they don’t know where to start when it comes to valuing their business.


10 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Financial Planner

by: Jeff Turner, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, AEP®

When you consider seeking help from a financial planner, whether deciding to buy a new home, planning for retirement or your children’s education, or simply not having the time or expertise to organize your finances, there are several key questions to consider. Many questions may seem obvious, but you may be surprised how few people ever ask the questions.


Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

by: Abby Spaulding, CFP®

The most common mistake of an estate plan is simply not having one. Many people think they are under the threshold to need an estate plan. However, getting your estate documents in order is useful even if you don’t have a need for estate tax planning. Making sure you have a Will, a Living Will, a Healthcare Power of Attorney, a Financial Power of Attorney and a Testamentary Trust is a staple of every good financial plan.


Coordinating your “Financial Junk Drawer”

by: Bavy Lopez

An advisor in our firm was recently introduced to a prospective client, “John Jones”, who approached the initial meeting with a lot of skepticism. The advisor was introduced to John as a Financial Advisor who could help John and his wife through comprehensive planning. John was skeptical about the value the advisor could add to his situation due to the fact that he felt confident that he had taken care of every financial need that he and his wife could possibly have. He had met with several other ‘advisors’ over the years and had amassed an impressive array of products and services. As a result, John dragged his feet, resisted meeting with the advisor and put off a meeting until the advisor, professionally, convinced John that it would be worth his while to at least have a face to face conversation. After that initial conversation, John agreed to engage the advisor and hire him to create a comprehensive financial plan.


How Do I Navigate the Options for College Savings

by: Bryan Powell, CFP®

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 70% of 2014 high school graduates enrolled in a college or university after finishing high school. This is a figure that has shown an upward trend for decades. As a result, most parents expect their child will graduate high school and attend college prior to starting their career. It has become the norm for many.


How to View Financial Planning

by: Charles V. Collins, CHFC

There are a thousand financial decisions that need to be made over a lifetime. How do you make those the most effective way in order to accomplish your plans in life?

It seems that this would be an easy answer, but after three decades of advising business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs, I have seen that answering this can mean the difference between reaching those goals and missing them.


Why It Is Important to Review your Benefits in a Job Transition

by: Chris Robinette, MBA, LUTCF

If you have ever been in a situation regarding a job transition, you may feel stressed out and fatigued attempting to adjust from one benefit package to another. This guide is meant to help reduce that stress during a voluntary or involuntary job transition.


Why Business Owners don’t do Succession Planning

by: Tammy Paxton, CFP®

I’ve built a great business and I’m ready to retire. How can I do that? Who will buy my business? What I can sell it for? Is it ready to sell? These are the questions we get most often. According to one source* 66% of businesses in 2012 were owned by Baby Boomers. As they are approaching retirement they are often asking themselves these questions and have little, if any, idea of where to go to next.


I’m a Young Professional and Finally Making Money – Now What?

by: Brent Christian

If you are a young professional and you do not feel like you know exactly what you should be doing now that you’re finally making money, you are not the only one. Many young professionals in today’s economy are not sure what they should be doing with their money, but deep down know that they should be doing something. Often times, young professionals are busy launching their careers, starting families, and spending time developing their skills so financial planning takes a back burner because they have “plenty of time to figure it out.”