There are a thousand financial decisions that need to be made over a lifetime. How do you make those the most effective way in order to accomplish your plans in life?

It seems that this would be an easy answer, but after three decades of advising business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs, I have seen that answering this can mean the difference between reaching those goals and missing them.

Financial decisions don’t come neatly packaged with clear cut choices.  They don’t have neon lights flashing to warn us of impending consequences of the wrong choice or of the dangers involving timing of those decisions. They often come surrounded by seemingly benign circumstances, and results which have little short term recognition of the long term ultimate destinations.  They often seem so simple that one would scoff at the need for outside council, as many do.

The greatest basketball players often have three to four coaches.  They can shoot the ball with deadly accuracy, yet they have shooting coaches.  They have played the game all of their lives and have uncanny ability to see the game unfold, yet they follow a strategy coach in order to master the flow of the game.  They have strength coaches, conditioning coaches, and lifestyle coaches, yet each of these coaches have far less ability to actually play the game anywhere near the level these professionals have. They follow the coach’s advice because they recognize that the coach’s ability to objectively scan the overall horizon, notice the nuances from a more detached viewpoint, and focus better on the ultimate objective making them better players.

This is the reasoning that causes us to believe that our clients are better off working with a coach who can walk alongside them for decades helping to outline the best path for them to follow in order to help reach their ultimate objectives.  There are thousands of variables that affect all of these many decisions.  Driving that process takes constant monitoring, slight to significant adjustments, depending upon the circumstances and needs of the time. It also takes a trusted professional who can objectively survey the landscape with a caring attitude while focusing on your goals, and organize the efforts of several advisors in all the areas of legal, investment, accounting and planning that you will need in a lifetime.

This is the financial planning process that will help you create the environment with the greatest opportunity for your success.

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