“Family businesses are an integral part of the local economy and the backbone of every community’s social and business fabric. It was incredible to see so many of Memphis’ top business leaders assembled in one room to discuss issues impacting the family-owned business.  The panelists were outstanding.  It was a great morning!” stated Andy Shull, Director of Planning.

The event was a big hit amongst attendees.  “It was affirming to hear from three of the more successful business owner families in Memphis state repeatedly how vital it is to have proper planning in place, long before you may assume it necessary,” said Spencer Cultra, one of CPP’s Financial Planners. “As I listened to the testimonies of some of the top business owners in Memphis and the State of Tennessee share with the audience the importance of working with a planner, and advocating for all of the fundamentals that we each believe in, I couldn’t help but feel proud about having the Continuum Planning Partners brand as the sponsor of this event.”

From succession planning and intergenerational conflict resolution to business valuation, the Memphis Business Journal and Continuum Planning Partners shone a spotlight on the strategies and best practices of the strongest family-owned businesses in Memphis and hopes to host more events like this in the future.

FOB Panel

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